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Sympathy letter

Distinguished family members/leaders:

The golden dog celebrates the moon to say goodbye to the old year, and the golden pig Nafu welcomes Bairui* On behalf of the board of directors of the company, General Manager Wu extended his festive greetings to all colleagues who have been working hard in the coming Spring Festival. I wish the family members of my workmates a happy and healthy Spring Festival! To the friends from all walks of life who have been strongly supporting the development of our company's cause, I would like to pay high tribute!

Yicheng Ceramic Industry Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized ceramics wholly-owned group company with the right to develop, produce and export ceramics. It is located in the northern suburb of Jieyang City, known as "Zoulu on the seashore, lotus on the water". It has a history of more than ten years, with a huge scale and strong strength.

The company is trustworthy, people-oriented, long-term quality stability and punctual delivery. It has constructed an enterprise credit platform which is recognized by the ceramic industry, deduced a model of integrity, enabled Yicheng company to move forward steadily in both favorable and adversity, and steadily enlarged and strengthened the enterprise from small to large. It has won the reputation of the enterprise with a high reputation in the world economy, and it is still low in the world economy. Under the background of fans, General Manager Wu led all the employees of the company, always insisting on the lofty mission of making profits for enterprises and seeking benefits for employees, seeking truth and pragmatism, pioneering and enterprising, solid work. In the fierce market competition, he overcome all kinds of difficulties and let Yi Cheng still stand out in the ceramic industry and take the lead, showing the company's leadership's high vision and good prospects for development. Of course, all the achievements of the company can not be achieved without the joint efforts of the broad masses of workers and the strong support of friends from all walks of life. Every progress of the company has shed the hard sweat of easy adults. Thank you for your efforts and efforts over the years. Thank you for growing up with the company. The long-term development of the company depends on your continued hard work.

In the new year, the company leaders always keep a calm mind and innovative ideas, seize opportunities, accelerate development, advance in adversity, and strive towards the goal of win-win between the enterprise and employees!While the company's efficiency is constantly improving, it is constantly striving to improve the welfare benefits of all staff and workers.

1. Wage and working hours: the monthly stipulation of 26 days for full-time, the first month of new factory wages 3000-4000 yuan or more, skills can be assessed after upgrading will be immediately given to raise wage levels, according to personal wishes can also be implemented piecework wages, the average wage is about 4000-6000 yuan per month, the maximum wage can reach 10,000 yuan.

2. Working environment: The company has a modern standard factory building, covering more than 70 mu, which can accommodate 1500 people. The spacious and bright workshop is equipped with water-cooled air conditioning, constant temperature in all seasons, and the working conditions are greatly improved. While vigorously developing production, the company is more caring for employees, people-oriented, always with a responsible attitude towards employees, focusing on environmental health and safety, to relieve the worries of fellow villagers far away from home.

3. Life: The company has three modern apartment-style dormitory buildings with complete supporting facilities: air conditioning, independent bathroom, all wireless network coverage of the dormitory, diversified working restaurants, KTV staff home, basketball court, table tennis and billiards room, etc. It greatly enriches the staff's spare time. In addition, the four-star Vienna International Hotel invested by the company will be opened on January 23, 2019. The distance between the hotel and the company is less than 500 meters, which will enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.

4. Employee Recruitment: In the new year, the company's prospects for development are more clear, and orders are very abundant throughout the year. Due to production needs, the company plans to recruit 300 different types of production personnel (women: 150, men: 150).

5. Spring Festival Welfare: In order to reward all employees for their hard work and efforts over the past year, the company's leadership has decided to reimburse the returnees for their fares when the Spring Festival comes to reality. And in the eighth day of junior high school, employees who have worked for more than one year will be awarded seniority awards and enjoy a week's paid vacation, and in March of each year in the hotel to hold a factory-wide staff dinner (the company's hotel), on-site award-seeking activities, in order to thank employees for their hard work for a year.

The blueprint for the company's development has been drawn and the stage for its performance has been set up. The key lies in the concerted efforts to implement and introduce all kinds of talents in order to rapidly expand the staff. Therefore, the company calls for: welcoming the broad masses of outstanding young people from the society to join in Yicheng, and also hoping that the old staff and cadres at all levels will take the development of the company as their duty, and strongly recommend and contact the villagers to Yicheng to create brilliance together. Huang, the company will continue to treat workers kindly, actively implement various incentives, strive to improve salary treatment, and constantly improve the working and living environment, so that Yi Cheng and the majority of workers into one, coexistence and prosperity.

Once again, I wish friends from all walks of life greater development and greater harvest in 2019! Families are more harmonious!!

General manager:

Guangdong Yicheng Ceramic Industry Co., Ltd.

Jieyang Jiedong Meida Ceramics Co., Ltd.

December 15, 20185