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In recent years, with the joint efforts of all walks of life and all the staff and workers of the company, the company has developed rapidly, from the previous small workshop to the leading enterprise in the ceramic industry. But people are afraid of being famous and the pigs are afraid of Zhuang. With the rapid development of the company, the management is becoming more and more standardized. Others'dissatisfaction, some of them like to spread rumors on the internet, malicious attacks, slandering the company, which has caused some trouble to the company's recruitment and image. Although the company can take the same actions as other companies to ignore these petty people, in order to avoid affecting the company's image and allow individual staff to move forward, the company still plans the following announcement in name, so as to let all sectors of society. People can really understand the company's actual situation, avoid being affected and lose the opportunity to cooperate with the company.

1. About the company's working hours: the company's working hours are 08:00-12:00 in the morning, 13:30-17:30 in the afternoon, 18:00-21:00 in the evening (administrative staff and piece-counting personnel are generally free to work overtime), normal working hours are 11-11.5 hours, of course, every year occasionally encountered in the shipment of individual special beads, packaging workers, that is, an example, there is no exaggeration like some people. It's absolutely ridiculous to say 15 hours.

2. Regarding resignation: the company's relevant system is also gradually in line with the labor law, stipulating that employees must be one month ahead of schedule if there is a special case (such as illness, big changes at home and other emergencies can be dealt with specially), as long as they resign according to the procedures required, and as mentioned on the Internet, it is impossible for individual employees to resign without work. Now it is a legal society, and the company has not yet. Limit your use of mobile phones or personal freedom, the Labor Bureau hotline is known to everyone, a person who will post online, can not even find a phone, seek help from government departments? There is only one reason. Two or three days after entering the factory, the company is lazy and delicious, and the company that does not work invites it out of the factory. There are actually cases of dissatisfied people.

3. Regarding leave: Employees should write leave slips to find the signature of their department heads. There is no absence of leave. Others should be carried out according to the system.

4. About the phenomenon of signing contracts and working for five or six days without paying off wages: companies sometimes recruit some summer jobs because of tight orders, but most of today's students are spoiled and unable to bear hardships. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, companies will make declarations before recruiters enter the job, and negotiate the signing of a working period (a few days before the start of school) between the two sides, declaring that they will start work ahead of schedule except for the midway. Otherwise, the contract should not be interrupted at will for academic or physical reasons. The volunteers should be re-employed without coercion. This mainly prevents some people from leaving work without reason and affects the production order. During this period, some people did not abide by the contract signed by them, so they could not afford to fight back and leave the factory for a few days. They did not explain the reasons on the spot and did not review themselves. When they left the factory, they went to the online blacksmithing company and blacksmithing managers to make excuses for their laziness and laziness.

5. Serious problems about the loss of field interns: the company and schools in Jiangxi, Shanxi and other places have school-enterprise cooperative relations, students also rotate to work, and sign an internship agreement. After the expiration of the agreement, students can freely choose to return to school. It is normal that students rotate every year. It is not a rumor that individual interns can not stay.

6. The managers and supervisors of the company are too rough: the managers and supervisors of the company have worked in the company for more than five years, and they have stepped up step by step from the front-line grass-roots employees. One of the characteristics of this group is pragmatism, seriousness and loyalty to the company. Many of the employees who are serious and eager to learn have been trained and promoted. The managers at all levels of the company are also very concerned, but can not be ranked. In addition to the treatment of individual employees who behave badly and work carelessly, the way is simple and the attitude is not good.

7. About checking the evacuation of factory employees: Because 100% of the company's products are exported to Europe and the United States, human rights assault inspection plants are carried out every year. In order to ensure the smooth passage of the factory inspection, some people will be evacuated when the factory inspection comes. Individual employees do not know what they think is wrong by the company, instead of evading any foreign workers or illegal workers, it is totally nonsense.

8. About the phenomenon that the company has disabled persons: because of the development of enterprises, the company has begun to realize and take the initiative to assume some social responsibilities. In the recruitment process, it tries to provide employment opportunities for some deaf-mute people and disabled people who are physically disabled but do not affect their normal work, so that they can make their own efforts and integrate into the society. It is a good thing for the society, and it is a good thing for the individual who has the heart. The company always believes that people with disabilities are not disabled, self-reliant people should always be respected, healthy people have a bad mentality, lazy employees are far less valuable than a disabled employee.

Life is a mirror, you smile back, you gain a smile, how you treat your work, how you treat your work, how you treat your boss, your colleagues, your company, you will be treated equally by others. It is sad that we should look for reasons from ourselves and review ourselves instead of just making rumors and blackmailing others to gain sympathy from people who don't know the inside. Now is a society ruled by law, in the Department is unable to solve the problem, can find the Ministry of Personnel to reflect, look for treatment; in the company can not solve the matter also let the government departments involved. In today's society, there is no oppression or exploitation. Some people only have problems in their own cognition and outlook on life.

The company ranks first in the ceramic industry. The average length of service of employees is more than 5 years, accounting for 40% and more than 10 years, accounting for 12%. The average wage is much higher than that of the same industry and enterprises in the same region. In recent years, it has been ranked among the top three taxpayers in Jiedong District (top three) in export earning foreign exchange. It provides nearly 1,000 jobs for the society every year, and has made outstanding contributions to the local economic development.

For individual malicious slanders and attacks on the Internet, the company will clarify and retain the right to take further measures, not excluding the use of legal means to safeguard the rights and interests of the company, so that these harmful horses can be punished by law. At the same time, it sincerely appeals to people of insight in society, as always, to care for and support the development of the company, and welcomes people from all walks of life to participate in it. In the construction of the company, join the company and make progress together.