Employee Benefits 2016

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In order to further enhance the welfare benefits of employees, embody the company's consistent purpose of "people-oriented", let employees share the fruits of the company's development and enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of the enterprise, the company's benefits in 2016 are hereby announced as follows:

一、Distribution of length of service awards:
1、 Calculating method: from January 2012, employees who have been employed, their length of service awards are all given 10 yuan according to regulations. / Monthly issuance, such as January 2012, factory employees can receive 480 yuan in January 2016, so as to accumulate, halfway out of the factory is calculated according to the re-entry time (the financial is based on the settlement of wages).
2、 The issuance time: renewal of contract this year is issued before the Spring Festival, the rest is issued after January 2016.
3、 The issuance scope: issuance according to the list of personnel on the issuance schedule.

二、Vehicle fee subsidy:
1、Subsidies scope: all returnees and returnees enjoy the same vehicle fee subsidy (all factory employees).
2、Subsidies amount: according to the regional fare issued in previous years (with detailed list).
3、Release time: the returnees will be issued one month after the Spring Festival official work, and the returnees will be issued one month after the return to the factory official work.
4、Special note: The same allowance is given to the returnees and those staying at the factory. The returnees must arrive at the factory at the latest time stipulated by the company (the first batch is on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month and the second batch is on the eighth day of the first lunar month).

三、 Annual leave wage subsidy
1、 Concept: the company's Spring Festival holiday time is 2016 annual leave (subsidized seven-day basic wage).
2、 Distribution scope: According to the state's regulations, one week vacation time, strictly in accordance with the company's provisions of the time to return home, on the 8th day of the first month on time to work, all employees can enjoy the company's annual leave wage .
3、 Calculating method: the basic wage according to the number of vacation days. Payment 4. Payment time: Payment together with the monthly salary.

四、Open-door bonus subsidy
1、Concept: The company stipulates that the first day after the Spring Festival (the eighth day of the first month of the first month) is Open-door bonus
2、 The scope and time of issuance: The company stipulates that all employees who come to work on the day of the start-up will issue 50 yuan Open-door bonus

五、 Factory-Day bonus qualification
1、staff who have been in the factory for more than two years will enjoy all the prizes of the company (including the Grand Prize 3800 yuan).
2、 Personnel over one year can enjoy the qualification of the following prizes (including the prize 1800).
3、 Personnel over one month after entering the factory and within one year are eligible to participate in other prizes below the company's first prize.

六. Other benefits
1、Hot water supply in dormitories, air conditioning in workshops, WiFi in dormitories and home for employees have been put into use, which greatly improves the working and living environment of employees, ensures the combination of work and leisure, physical and mental health of employees, and promotes the comprehensive competitiveness of the company. 2、The introduction fee system is based on the company's incentive system in 2016 (about 20% higher than in 2015). Note: If you have any questions, you can consult the Personnel Department.

2016 will continue to be a year of rapid development of the company. At that time, the company will plan to recruit more than 200 new employees to enrich the company's workforce. For this reason, the company has introduced various welfare policies as follows: First, it encourages the majority of old employees to support the company as before, and employees whose contracts and resignations expire can enjoy all the above benefits if they continue to stay in the company, such as leaving the factory halfway. Re-admission arrangements; second, advocate that employees return home on time and return to work on time; third, welcome the recommendation of the majority of employees, introduce the workers of the villagers to the factory, the company will continue to treat the workers, actively cash in all kinds of benefits, in return for the actual action has been long-term support of the company, for the development of the company quietly paid by the workers.

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