About Us

Guangdong Yicheng Art China Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale wholly-owned group company with the right to develop, produce and export ceramics. It is located in the northern suburb of Jieyang City, which is known as "a coastal city with a prosperous culture just like a lotus on the water", so it has obvious location advantages and convenient transportation. The company not only has almost 20 years of entrepreneurship history, but also has a huge scale and strong strength.

Based on trustworthy management, people- oriented principle, long-term stable quality and timely delivery, the company has built an enterprise credit platform recognized by the ceramic industry, deduced a model of honesty and credit,enabled Yi Cheng company to move forward steadily in both favorable and adverse circumstances, and made the enterprise bigger and stronger step by step, and won the reputation of the company.

The company always upholds the development concept of innovation and development. Through the unremitting efforts of Yi Cheng people, the company has been recognized by provincial high-tech enterprises, and provincial engineering enterprise technology center, provincial technology research center, and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute have established a science and technology staff workstation. Currently, there are 6 high-tech products, 24 self-declared patents (8 invention patents, 16 utility patents) and other honors. Strong development and innovation capabilities not only provide a strong and health guarantee for the company's sustained and rapid development, but also provide better services and high-quality products for society and customers.